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Sensual Photography- Bodyscapes of Karah Serine

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Bodyscapes- B&w Photography
Bodyscapes- B&w Photography by KarahSerine
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I took these about a 18 months ago. I need to find a way to self take some more. :)

Update- Changes are coming…

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Changes are coming…. 

First, I will be changing my stage name Karah Serine.

Second, as I have been looking for a new direction for my blog. I believe I will gear it towards Photography. Photo’s I take and other work I admire. Also, to include short video’s. As I am planning on shooting my first short film.

Not sure if this means I will have to recreate a whole new blog or make name changes along with other adjustments to this one. Anyone have any advice?

IMG_9257Photo by Karah… all rights reserved.


Video…Kara Shares Success Affirmations.

Success Flows Easily To Me.

I am Intelligent, Successful and I know what I want from life.

I love that I prosper were ever I turn.




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